Shakti 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Harman coming to Avinash’s house and asks about Soumya. Avinash says she went to market. Tina appreciates him for marrying a kinnar. Avinash praises Soumya and her work, and asks Harman to have breakfast. Harman asks him to tell where she went. Avinash says she must have went to market, and says she is not our labour and have right to go anywhere. Harman asks them to stop nonsense and tell where is Soumya. Tina says she must have gone to some market. Saya comes to that man house who sent Soumya to Bangkok and sees door locked. She says she has to send Tarana far away from Bangkok before Harman could find her. Nani comes to Surbhi’s house and see it locked. She thinks rather than calling Varun, she shall go to Preeto’s house and check. Kinnars praise Raveena. Saya asks them to

go out and bring the nek. Raveena asks if you don’t like us as Tarana left. Kareena tells her about human trafficking for Kinnars also there. Saya asks her to shut up. Raveena says if anything happens to Soumya then you are responsible.

Nani comes to Preeto’s house. Shanno and Raavi tell that Surbhi is not there. Nani says I know you have hidden her here. Preeto insults Nani and asks her to go. Nani goes. Chintu hears and thinks Surbhi is at home, I have to do something.

Harman is searching Soumya in the market. Soumya is near there. Some goons come in car and kidnap Soumya. Harman comes near the car, but don’t see Soumya. Car goes. Neighbor meets Maninder and tells that he is lucky to get her daughters married in Harak Singh’s house, and asks him to make him meet Harman, says your son in law is diamond to involve kinnars in our community. Other neighbor tells that kinnar complained that Harman is teasing her. Maninder makes excuse and leave from there. Nani gets worried about Soumya and Surbhi.

Rani and Chameli see Nani crying sitting on side of road. Rani says we shall talk to her. Chameli says what we will tell if she asks about Tarana, and says we shall not talk to her. The broker asks Harman to leave him and says he has to go for work. He comes to the goons and asks them to keep Soumya in other car. Harman is searching Soumya. Soumya pushes goons and runs on road. The broker and the goons run after Soumya.

Soumya sees inspector and tells that kidnappers are behind her. Broker comes to him and says something. Inspector goes. Broker kidnaps Soumya again and takes her. Harman comes to Avinash’s house and beats him badly asking where is she? Avinash says he doesn’t know. Tina calls police. Police comes there. Harman tells that his wife used to work here and have gone missing. Avinash says he really don’t know where is Soumya. Police says they will arrest Harman. Avinash asks Inspector to let Harman free and says his wife is missing, anyone would have done the same thing if in his place. Police leaves him with a warning. Viren asks Harak Singh to have food and says then only we will get strength to enquire about Harman. Preeto calls Saya and insults her for her inability to handle Soumya. Saya gives her a fitting reply and ends the call. Nani comes to Saya and asks her to tell where is Soumya? Saya says Soumya is safe and nothing will happen to her. Varun comes to Surbhi and asks her to have food. Surbhi says your wife is tied and you are asking me to have food here. Varun says he is helpless and asks her to give sometime to think what to do. Preeto comes and asks Varun why did he bring food for her without her knowledge and asks him to take food back. Chintu says he will see who will take food place back and makes Surbhi eat. He says he will do something.

The broker and his goons bring Soumya to the club. A gay or kinnar makes an entry on stage. Broker says I have brought her.

Update in Progress


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