Sasural Simar Ka 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Samir says anjali used to say her mother is a snake. She was so right. Piyush says shut up. Nurse says this is a hospital. Simar is crying and sobbing.
Anaiya says I am so tired. KB says yes same. doctor says her blood has been wasted. If she doesn’t become conscious she can go in come. Simar says no please do something. I wanna see her. She goes inside and says anjali open your eyes please daughter. I beg you. I am sorry. How could I do this to you. If something happens to you I will never forgive myself. Police comes and asks who is simar? Piyush says what happened? He says we have a complained she shot her daughter. Sanju says who said that? Inspector says samir. We aree here to arrest her. SImar comes and says I am simar and I am responsible for my daughter’s condition. Piyush says no this was an accident. Anjali was trying to shoot simar was stopping her. Inspector says we have arrest warrent. They arrest simar.
Arav and Piyush go with them too.

Mataji sits in tears. ROshni says everything will be fine. Mataji says call piyush. Piyush comes in. Roshni says what happened? Piyush says we couldn’t get her bailed out. She has murder charger. Mataji and roshni are crying. Mataji says please do something God.
Samir no one can save you people now. Anjali is dying and simar will live her whole life in jail. Arav says don’t think we are so stupid. Samir says you are. Do you even know where the papers are? Piyush says where are they? samir says I have them. This property is still not yours and you can not take it from me. This si just the beginning see what I do next. He goes upstairs.

Roshni brings food for everyone. She says you all have to eat. We can’t be weak. Piyush says yes mataji please eat. Mataji says I can’t. Piyush says we have to stay strong for anjali and simar. Mataji sees blood and wall and screams. Everyone is scared. Piyush says go clean it. Piyush hugs and calms mataji.

Precap-Samir says to the man they can never realize that simar didn’t even shoot and you did. By the time anajli is fine simar’s case will be finalized.


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