Meri Durga 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Amrita and everyone worrying that Umang locked himself. Amrita asks him to open the door. Umang asks Amrita why did she not send his letters to Madhav, she is a liar. They hear a sound. Amrita pushes and breaks the door. She gets in and sees Umang crying. Umang gets annoyed with Amrita. She consoles her and asks him to show his wound. Yashpal comes. They all worry.

Sanjay stops Durga. Sam sees the drama. Sanjay says Durga will be out of college tomorrow, her truth will be out. Everyone laughs. Sam says let the decision come, till then calm your fire, you will go from college tomorrow, not Durga, no innocent can get punished till I m here. Sanjay says you are flying thinking you will throw me out of college, cut your feathers and come on ground. Durga looks on.

Amrita makes Umang talk to someone as his dad. Umang asks Papa where are you, come home, I want to talk to you, mumma lied to me. The man says I was busy but I will come soon to meet you, you dont cry. Umang says I want to meet you. The man tells Yashpal that Umang can’t stay without meeting his dad, I can’t help you more, sorry.

Sanjay records Durga and smiles. He says you did not break by this insult, friends see and learn, cheaters’ ending is never happy. He holds her and says you will disappear now like you disappeared five years ago. She makes him fall down and says I have come to prove myself innocent and shut your mouth, you will come to meet me when I win national championship race by making Aarti lose, you will come to apologize to me. He asks is she running again. She says yes, if I did not do anything wrong, why shall I let go my dreams, the wrong people who doubted on my true friendship will break, what happened, did you get scared, don’t worry, I will show this pic when I shut your mouth by running in race.

Update in Progress


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