Kasam 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Tanu calls Abhi as he arrives at party. Tanu says stop where you are, she ends call and leaves. Natasha says lets go in party, he says no wait here.

Kanika enters party, Rano gets excited and shows her to Manpreet. Manpreet comes to Kanika and her manager, manager says this is not her type of party, Manpreet says to Kanika that Bedi industry is interested in your show so you should be in this party, lets meet my mom. Kanika comes and meet Rano. Rano whispers to Manpreet that I wont let her go from party soon.

Rishi comes in party and thinks my heart knows she will come to party, Tanu has to come.. he feels some presence, he smiles and looks ahead to find Tanuja entering party. she turns around and sees Rishi smiling at her. Rishi gets elated seeing her. Abhi comes there so Tanu loops her arm around his arm and looks at Rishi. Rishi gets jealous and angry seeing it, pyaar ho har baar ho tumse hi plays. Flashback shows Abhi waiting outside party for Tanu. Tanu arrives there dressed nicely. Abhi is mesmerized to see her, he says you are looking beautiful but how did you decide to come here? who handsome forced you to come here, Tanu says because of Rishi, Abhi says what? Tanu says I mean you said he would taunt you if I dont come here with you so I came here to avoid that, Abhi says smart girl, they enter party.. flashback ends. Natasha says to Abhi that I dont see Tanya, he sees Naitra and says Abhi go and scold her, abhi says to Tanu that I will find Tanya and scold Naitra, Tanu says dont do anything drastic, I can come with you both, Natasha says no, Abhi you go to Naitra, I am going to Tanya, they both leave. Tanu looks on, she sees Rishi standing in a corner. Rishi calls someone and says mom wanted to know the surprise right? her surprise is here, he ends call. Rishi is in pain and tears. Tanu recalls how she left this house 7 years back, Saiyanra plays as they both recall their moments, their best and painful moments together. Rishi wipes his tears and goes in party.

Tanu makes Raj meet Abhi and says he is my husband,

Update in Progress


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